Friday-Radiant Play

Body Holon

  • Theme is 5Asparagine or Blue 5 Radiant Monkey; Magic
  • Analog is 5Leucine or Yellow 5 Radiant Star-Art
  • Guide power this morning is 5Tryptophan (makes your brain happy) or Blue 5 Radiant Storm; Self-generation
  • Antipode is 5Cysteine or Red 5 Radiant Dragon; Memory or AC timeline. Jump on the CA timeline!
  • Hidden Wisdom is 9Aspartic Acid or White 9 Solar Dog; Love.
  • 5Gforce is9Methionine or Red 9 Solar Moon-Flow of Emotion
We can do this.

Time to power the Illusion in the Matrix. It sounds like fun to me. If we stopped all this serious talk about illness and control and just accepted that we were free, what would we do?

Drop everything and everyone in our lives that were unhappy, unhealthy and bent on controlling us. They are a drag and maybe even haters. Bad job? Make plans for something else. Bad relationship? End it.

I’m not judging and of course they may see the light and love in them but we’re supposed to empower the fact that B.S is an illusion today and self-generate good things, free things, magical things. It’s not a day to giving in to commiseration so that we agree with the majority. To do something different we have to think about it and feel it with birds of a feather. Here is my list;

  • No snow until February in Michigan.
  • Full patient schedule-I’m close
  • More Reiki than ever
  • Thin sooner than I imagined
  • My book is a hit

Interplanetary Holon

  • We are mediated by VENUS today. There is a Venus-Pluto sextile and that is exact with theme and guide power later today. Theme is Venus and G.P is Pluto.
  • The Moon is in chipper LEO.
  • The astrology report is emphasizing a very negative Mars-Chiron Square made worse by the Mercury retrograde which could take up most of your day and focus if you let it. Go high when others around you are going low.

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