Watch “YouTube Banned Us For 2 Weeks…” on YouTube

I post “The Pulse” articles all the time on here. They are on Conscious Evolution and it comes to my email. This is a short update from them on a You Tube ban. Do watch it.

They are censoring the truth that is no help to their political bias and disempowerment of humans. As we know now, keeping the human race in the dark secrets and enslaved on the surface, when we don’t have to be, is of HUGE profit to the c!@$^ and has been for millenia. The bigger they are the harder they fall as the saying goes.

The Reptilians and Grey’s are behind the power of the c!@%^ and they are dying. Stay on top of Corey’s posts on that. I highly recommend that we support NO GOVERNMENT at all anymore. It’s rotten to the core and we will need to start from scratch once the human race has decided it’s had enough of this elite corruption.

Peace. Lisa T.

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