Status of My Book, “Time is DNA”

Time Is DNA

An Epigenetic Hypothesis with Data

L.K. Townsend

This GIF is wild right? The book is basically done. I’m going to have to do a second book on the Tones of Creation. I’m looking at one last little section on the Alpha and Omega Points right now.

I have an email in to the government copyright office as I don’t seem to be coming up in the system even though I already have a book copyrighted.

I will begin by making this one available as a PDF document of 152 pages to be sent to your email. I’ll put it right on the front page of my blog and you can order it there. I then get a notice in my email and send it to you. It will be $11.00

I may offer a hard copy but it will have to be in color which can get expensive it it’s printed out. That would be $20.00.

I still have to talk to my publisher IUniverse about editing, printing, and marketing cost. My target audience are scientists so I’m not sure. I suppose an email ad to heads of departments all over the world? We’ll see. Mercury is retrograde right now so I will initially make it available on my blog and start the wider marketing after October 18th.

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