Sunday Daily Oracle; End of the 13-day Cycle. Mercury is Retrograde tomorrow

Body Holon

Mars, Mercury and Saturn
  • Theme is 13Threonine of White 13 Cosmic World-Bridger; Change/Death
  • Analog is 13Glutamine or Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker; Prophecy
  • Guide Power is 13Aspartic Acid or White 13 Cosmic Dog (in HF33)
  • Antipode is 13Histidine or Yellow 13 Cosmic Warrior; Intelligence
  • Hidden Wisdom is 1Arginine or Blue 1 Magnetic Eagle; Vision
  • 5GForce is 1Lysine or White 1 Magnetic Wizard; Timelessness

Interplanetary Holon

Mars is the mediating planet for World-Bridger and Skywalker.


Our astrological planetary aspects are in complete synchronicity today with the Tzolkin.

The Moon spends the day in Gemini which is ruled by Mercury which mediates our Guide Power; White 13 Dog.

The Moon is also in harmonious aspect with Mars (White WB and Red SW) and Saturn (Yellow Warrior). It is possible to put an idea into motion before the Mercury retrograde tomorrow. However, I see the full synchronicity of the Mercury retrograde in 2 days in the next harmonic; HF8; Rhythmic process, formulate free will of equality. It is Red 3 Electric Moon ∞White 3 Dog.

We are so far from equality as a planet with regard to gender, culture, class, really everything, that the retrograde is quite necessary to put the breaks on the shadow energy. We are also in the process of exercising our free will around the globe and just getting grounded. I thing we’re doing a good job although maybe not so much in the U.S., of all places for citizens to be so complicit. Our educational system is so poor that people are not critical thinkers and the media is so powerful here. God bless America.

This is a good day, a powerful one for CHANGE and PROPHECY. Do try to use your intuition in meditation and get outside in the sunshine. The sun is giving us so much BODY wisdom now and changing our DNA. I’m going to finish pruning my forsythia and walk 2 miles.

Autumn in Michigan. We love the season here.

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