I’m Fairly Sure Word Press is Censoring Me

My stats have dropped to almost zero way too quickly. That’s completely abnormal. In addition, after I post and hit publish it just circles and circles until I ignore it and hit save. None of that is normal either.

This will only take a second…THE PEOPLE are the lightning once everyone wakes up.

I may have to pull all the money I pay WordPress to host me and get a stand alone, untouchable host. I hope they see this.

This global censorship cannot win against the will of 8 billion humans on the planet supported by the universal law of FREE WILL.

And, they cannot nuclear bomb or virus biological bomb 8 billion people BECAUSE THE FREAKING Global Galactic League of Nations IS SHUTTING DOWN BOTH OF THOSE DESTRUCTIVE AGENTS.

The only thing the universe is waiting for is the mindset of the majority of humans to stand up and feel the power IN THEIR BODIES and claim it. Then the dark actors are done for. If you are waiting for someone to save you you are waiting in vain. God is IN US. We are watched over and helped but they won’t do it for us.

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