Wednesday-Today is the Autumnal Equinox.

It’s the first day of Fall. Summer is over. Tomorrow the Sun enters Libra. Also the Full Moon is waning so we are still crossing over into fifth density frequency which I mentioned on Yellow 7 Resonant Sun 2 days ago. Can you feel the changes?

Body Holon

  • Theme is 9Glycine or White 9 Solar Wind; Solar Spirit or the Sun God.
  • Analog is 9Phenylalanine or Red 9 Solar Earth; Solar Navigation or navigating by the Sun which is what everyone does on ships and boats all throughout the local system.
  • Guide Power is 9Tyrosine or White 9 Solar Mirror; Meditation
  • Antipode is 9Glutamic Acid or Yellow 9 Solar Human; FREE WILL. It’s universal law and cannot be changed. No government can touch it with a ten foot pole. End of story.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 5Tryptophan-sub-stop codon; Self-Generation. Not family-generation, neighbor and friends generation, media-generation, money-generation, marriage-generation or even Sun or God generation. SELF, Higher Self generation which is ONE with God or the Universe. That is your safe space and place of security in a changing world.
  • 5GForce-FIFTH DENSITY FREQUENCY is 5Tyrosine or White 5 Radiant Mirror in exact Occult Partner with the Guide Power. White 9 Mirror + White 5 Mirror = 14 White Mirror. That pulses up from 13 which is the end of 4th density but has the power to pulse up in density because it’s foundation is in HF33, Implicate Order which is eternal; White 13 Cosmic Dog which is God or the Holy Spirit coming through the Tzolkin.

Interplanetary Holon

Uranus is the mediating planet for White Wind ∞ Red Earth

Uranus rules Aquarius and White Wind-Red Earth, Glycine and Phenylalanine

End times madness is making what appear to be normal people absolutely spin this week. I watch it for 3 minutes to get a read on it and can’t take anymore. Their speech and emotions are off the charts illogical because they aren’t holding sacred space in their body center. (solar plexus or Sun plexus, 3rd chakra)

Your health and outlook on life will be improving if you’re making good choices. Some friends and family who are hypnotized into negativity, doubt, and chaos should be dropping away. Your commune with Spirit in meditation will feel very real and you’re receiving concrete guidance on your BODY, thought and feeling habits, 🙏, intuition and more. Everyone is different but there are no answers on T.V. or in the human society.

We’re making the crossover now for the next 5-10 years before the major solar flash on which I posted. It’s predicted in most spiritual traditions also. NASA is only giving snippets in their patronizing way but at least they’re admitting it. Meaning our DNA is slowly changing to fifth density. I hope you’re paying attention.

I honestly think it’s best to stay out of society and social right now. We’re moving into social Libra today and the astrologers write up the daily as though everything is normal. I find it very Democratic of them meaning…denial. Use your intuition and make sure your home energy is set and cleared like a sanctuary. Feng Shui is good for this as well as smudging with a smudge stick.

Morning Vision

I woke up at 6:06 this morning and was immediately getting messages from Spirit that took me into a place of a one minute worship that gave me goosebumps. It was very simple. As soon as I wake up I put myself into a place of reading or vibing on the ether and then personal gratitude. I always get a digital signal like 606 (Our planet number) or 555 or 505. They let me know they are with me, support my work, enjoy my laughter and mirth and want me to be happy. Then I let them know my appreciation for their presence and guidance all day every day. There is a family, personality feel to it as well. Our spirit guides are PEOPLE. My guides enjoy my joking around and not taking much seriously as well as my dedication and diligence with my work and my body, changing my DNA. It’s all good.

Remember to ask and then willingly receive it in belief. If you insult Spirit and say, “I don’t believe any of this.”, you’ve just cut yourself off from yourself which is shadow. You are still loved and absolutely free to do that. Free Will! There is no judgment of that, unlike what you hear from others. But you will have natural karma. It just means you are stuck on the CA timeline; Civilizational Advance. Note the oppressive word civilization in there. At least I find it so. We must balance our awareness of BOTH timelines as our DNA; past and future.

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