Context is Mindset

Your mindset is the context within which you live. Your context is not your country, state, city, address, job, family, planet or anything outside of you. That is just your 3D physical space but that is controlled by your mindset as well. The head space you are in is controlled by what you focus on. Who owns your time owns your mind.

Mind, Body & Spirit are ONE

As an example, I focus on change and contentment. Reiki energy 24/7, my office, my home, the the Tzolkin patterns and Tzolkin truth, the synchronicity forthwith, my patients and applying my intuition and skill to them, and myself working out, prepping water and food and meditating to change my DNA, that is my daily mindset. I chose all of it and no one is forcing me to focus on it. It came to me through meditation and too many tears preceding it because I let my life be controlled by a man first. That’s the way most females are raised.

People are not slaves or objects for the purposes of lust. We need to control our own lives or the planet will not change. What about love and bonding? It might be helpful to make a list of what you give your time to so you’re in reality about it. I wouldn’t change any of mine.

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