Is the 13-day Cycle an mRNA Sequence?

Lysine tRNA sequence?

I hypothesize that each theme-plex is a tRNA molecule. To the right is our current 13-day cycle. 1Lysine, 2arginine, 3histine, 4phenylalanine, 5tyrosine, 6tryptophan (today) and the start codon methionine is in the theme-plex today as the antipode to move us to Red Dragon after the sequence ends at 7Stop Codon tomorrow. It’s also the Full Moon so that is a great synchronicity. All cycles stop.

What is 13 x 5? 65. That’s the number of amino acids in a 13-day cycle. Remember, all you’re seeing on the right are the themes. Multiply them by 5 and the whole thing is in exact alignment with the way the genetic sequence moves.

8Cysteine, 9Glycine, 10Alanine, 11Valine, 12Serine and 13Threonine. But that’s just the macro picture. The micro-picture is the entire theme-plex of each kin which is the tRNA molecule composed of five kin or the five-membered, nitrogen-containing ring. That pulses off of the molecular sidechain that needs PROLINE to move. It pulses tryptophan, proline, stop codon and the geneticists see this progression and call tryptophan and proline a type of stop codon. They are basically the amino acids putting the bakes on the forward movement of the sequence; 19, 20, 0.

mRNA is messenger RNA and is coded by the DNA nucleotide which are symbolized by the I Ching hexagrams. Those 6 lines are decoded down to the 3 big letters; T, U, G, A, C which overarch each Harmonic Family and control the mRNA. The tRNA, our 5 archetype theme-plex acts as an adaptor between the DNA and the mRNA. The tRNA codes the mRNA from the ribosome. This is all basic reductionist stuff that does not make my blog popular but is essential to help make the correspondence from the Tzolkin to their linguistic set of terms in molecular biology.

Methionine is always the analog of Aspartic Acid meaning Red Moon is always next to White Dog. It’s always the Hidden Wisdom or Occult Partner of Glutamic Acid or Yellow Human. It’s always the antipode of Blue Storm and Blue storm is the antipode of it. Tryptophan, Blue Storm is always right next to Red Moon. And that’s exactly how the amino acids move; Methionine starts the sequence, it proceeds through some amino acids, lands in a tRNA molecule next to tryptophan, is stimulated by ever present Proline in the strands and hits a stop codon, (Yellow Sun)

This is a section from my book in case you’re interested in the role of nitrogen;

Proline supports proteins in our bodies

Stop Codon = Proline; 0 = 20

0=20 is vigesimal mathematics which is Mayan math. This type of math can compute epic exponential cycles like universal cycles…and oracles.

 Nitrogen, it turns out, is an epic natural, ancient chemical that interacts directly with our 20 glycogenic proteins that are symbolized by our 20 Mayan archetypes. Proline is the only proteinogenic secondary amino acid (secondary stop codon) which is a secondary amine as the nitrogen atom and is attached both to the α-carbon and to a chain of three carbons that together form a five-membered ring. In organic chemistry, amines are compounds and functional groups that contain a basic nitrogen atom with a lone pair.

Nitrogen-fixation happens during a thunderstorm when lightning fixes nitrogen in the soil and plants. That’s why everything greens up quickly as long as the roots are open for uptake. Lightning is also an archetype for Blue Storm or tryptophan which is a light weight stop codon in a DNA sequence.

They all have the sun in common. Blue Storm is Yellow Sun’s analog and a sub-stop codon as tryptophan. Proline is a non-essential amino acid for our bodies but essential in moving nitrogen into the side chain. It functions as ZERO in Mayan math which is huge. 0=20 which means Proline = Stop Codon. Together they function as archetype Yellow Sun which pulses directly to our great star, The Sun, all the time. The evolution of density frequencies on earth pulse directly to the sun which then sends information to Galactic Center.

Proline being proteinogenic is a big synchronicity with the 5 member Tzolkin theme-plex. Proline is unique in that it is the only amino acid where the side chain is connected to the protein spine twice, forming a five-membered nitrogen-containing ring. For this reason, Proline can often be found in very tight turns in protein structures (for example, where the polypeptide chain must change direction). This is reverse polarity which is a function of the Tzolkin. The polypeptide chain changes direction…in synchronicity with TIME changing direction between the strands via the G.A.P. kin.

Where is the spine of a double helix? They are the two spiraling strands. The chemical spine of the double helix is made up of sugar and phosphate molecules that are connected by chemical bonds, known as a sugar-phosphate spine. The two helical strands are connected through interactions between pairs of nucleotides, also called base pairs which are the ladders in between strands.

The protein spine is what holds a protein together and gives it an overall shape (or tertiary structure). … Each segment of a protein is the residue of an amino acid. Strong peptide bonds join the segments, forming the spine. Except for the ends of a protein chain, the spine of each segment contains the same atoms. Proline functions in the side chain.

I’ve substituted the word spine for the usual word backbonebecause thespine is crucial in the Tzolkin Harmonic; literally in the Body Holon and figuratively as the Mystic Column down the center of the harmonic. It is a reversal zone or the Zone of Transformation between the harmonics just as our own spine is a reversal zone of nerves to both sides of the body.

Natures’ Starships; Meteorites

In space and time, these amino acids in these groups pulsed off of one another to move up to the next group…according to the oracle. This could be very helpful to scientists. It should also be helpful to know that proline is inextricably in relationship with our sun as well. Proline is one with the stop Codon and pulses directly to it. According the to the Tzolkin, the Sun is archetype Yellow Sun. It has a key role in exponential timelessness universally.

The Solar Seals on page 89 are one with the Amino Acid Proteins. Notice at the top left it says 0=20 for Yellow Sun.

This is according to Tzolkin Harmonic Archetype number;

1, 5, 9, 13, 17 (cysteine, serine, methionine, glutamine, phenylalanine) All RED initiators.

2, 6, 10, 14, 18 (glycine, threonine, aspartic acid, lysine, tyrosine) All WHITE refiners.

3, 7, 11, 15, 19 (alanine, isoleucine, asparagine, arginine, tryptophan). All BLUE transformers.

0 = 20, 4, 8, 12, 16 (proline-stop codon, valine, leucine, glutamic acid, histidine). All are yellow ripeners.

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