Examples of Past Life Regression; Essentially Time Travel via DNA

This is very good because it demonstrates exactly how our DNA (our SELVES in a body) move from timeline to timeline. In this case, the CA timeline or past to the future.

It would be interesting to have a hypnotherapist do future life progression instead or regression or put someone on the AC timeline. Our culture is so past obsessed, or karma, that they probably can’t even imagine it.

I personally have wakeful dreaming memory of my lives on Tiamat, my past life with Michael my ex-fiance and my husband, my son’s father from the same lifetime. I’m continuing to work through issues of loyalty to Red Serpent and Red Dragon tribes even though they are maligned and called super aggressive and violent at every turn in the current time as though that is all they are. No tribe is 100% shadow and no tribe is 100% good. For gods sake, look at how insanely violent and aggressive humans are. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Anyway, I am passionate and compelled to leave a body of work on the planet as I’m doing now because there was too much ignorance and bias on Tiamat that caused them to aggressively defend themselves militarily and with A. I. tech that caused the timing mistake with the Sun’s energy. We need to learn the truth about our combined DNA and realize that we are all related, good and bad. This is not an easy lesson but scientific facts may help which is why I’m doing what I’m doing. I often ask myself why I love this issue so much and it’s because every day I have memories of my past life on a planet that is now…destroyed, and millions and millions of souls with it.

Earth has been profoundly successful as a genetic experiment station and the universe personalities that have overseen it are very pleased. The human race will not be allowed to end and neither will the Earth. But how soon things improve is still up in the air because although humans are not tolerating tyranny, the dark actors are still afoot and we have to figure out how to get them exiled so we can clean things up.

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