Monday;Transcend Just Being Awake

Sunrise on Mars, our mediating planet today.

I Endure in order to Explore. Transcending Wakefulness I seal the output of Space with the Cosmic tone of Presence. I am guided by the Power of Synchronicity (navigation)

4:13:13:13, The Tzolkin on 13 Skywalker

Transcend wakefulness, awake spiritually that is, and also to what is happening on the planet. If you follow this blog and actually read what I post from a myriad of people, you must be.

Transcend by focusing your mind in positive meditation for 8 minutes a day at least, with whatever silence or sound you wish. Can we give Gaia and our fellow humans at least that much mental focus? We are interdependent with both and this action en masse has been proven to be the most powerful thing on the planet.

We know now that no government agency or leader is going to dismantle the very powerful transnational cabal that holds the secrets to empowering energy and tech that would change our lives drastically within a week. They tried last year and failed. Instead, three corporate cabal men are representing us on the ICC International Corporate Conglomerate and the Super Federation.Why? Just because they are superrich and tech smart? What about their souls? They are not good enough to represent humanity. Those three are Red 2 Polar Dragon, Yellow 11 Spectral Seed, and White 3 Electric Worldbridger in shadow.

We know the directives of the GFW, Galactic Federation of Worlds cannot intervene generally and pick us up. We have to MATURE our minds and bodies ourselves or it will be downhill from here.

We know that unspeakable crimes have been visited on children and vulnerable adults that the private, government, and military actors who are “read in” to classified secret intel that would completely liberate earth, are too scared and selfish to do the right thing. There are worse things than death; karma. They won’t arrest the criminals.

We know the Earth Alliance and SSP are having trouble and are not likely to be much of a defense yet. This is an active situation. There has been much betrayal.

We know the virus is artificial, not natural, but a real virus and the media fearmongering is a psyop ruse to make the public more malleable. Our immune systems can deal with it. Just as our focused minds can deal with the rest.

I have faith in and love for earth and humanity. Let’s apply ourselves to the task at hand and get our fabulous bodies, minds, and planet back.

🙏Lisa T., 13 Cosmic Skywalker

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