Sunday Daily Oracle; -We’re Dedicated to Wisely Supporting Free Will

“I Dedicate in order to Influence. Universalizing Wisdom I seal the process of Free Will with the Crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of Flowering.

3:12:12:12-The Tzolkin

With Tone 12 at the helm, this is a community event. Do you talk to your neighbors, locals, friendly folks and friends in affinity about all of this?

Body Holon

Tone 12 pulses to the left knee. Human beings are crystalline according to the Maya, thus the Mayan Crystal skulls. I don’t think they have all 13 yet.

Theme is 12Glutamic Acid or Yellow 12 Crystal Human; Free Will

Analog is 12Isoleucine or Blue 12 Crystal Hand; Accomplishment

Guide Power is 12Valine or Yellow 12 Crystal Seed; Flowering

Antipode is 12Glycine or White 12 Crystal Wind; SPIRIT

Hidden Wisdom is 2Methionine or Red 2 Polar Moon; PURIFICATION. Here is the separating the wheat from the chaff. People are making their choices and it’s important not to waste time trying to change their soul. You can speak your truth but if your perception is that they are closed you might be wasting your breath. Use your intuition.

5GForce is 2Leucine or Yellow 2 Polar Star; ART

We all need to speak up now. LinkedIn is a good place to do it, cafes, public places with friends or on here. There are many professionals on LinkedIn who are adamantly protesting this narrative. I have more conversation and response to what I say on there than I do on here. WordPress isn’t setup for conversation too much. LinkedIn replaces FB.

I will continue on here though as my followers are increasing and I’m in teaching mode I guess. Feel free to ask questions and make comments. I have another blog that some of you may like where I talk about holism, healing, health and CV2;

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Earth, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury around the circle today. Jupiter is influencing the morning over Yellow 12 Crystal Seed.

The Moon is in Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter so there is synchronicity with the Guide Power Yellow 12 Crystal Seed this morning. We’re setting our sights higher realizing what is at stake here; our Human community, our young children for whom the vaccine is toxic, ourselves, and our precious beautiful planet GAIA. This is not a joke AND, it is not going to be solved by authorities who are in SELF-INTEREST, power and money only. They don’t care about us. We should know that by now. We need to care about one another our we’re doomed. To that end, I need to keep posting what I understand about the Earth Holon.

Earth Holon

Yellow Human is a CORE KIN whose job it is to use their Heart to transduce energy for GAIA. The time portal is located at the Equator– 105°west over South America, west of Galapagos islands off the coast of Ecuador. The creature on the right looks like a Draco Dragon to me. They are part of our DNA. Both creatures are ancestors of the dinosaurs.

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