Watch “WTF IS GOING ON? SSP Alliance, Dark Fleet, Super Federation & Propaganda Wars – As Above So Below” on YouTube

Nut-shell of what Corey said (But do listen and read the comments);

  • The hopeful narratives are not true at the moment. They may be more like wishes
  • The GFW is not going to save us but imo, Salla’s post about their Directives said that. We have to do the work, demand representation.
  • Lisa’s Comment below.
  • (Is he saying we need to be politically active?? Good God. We’ve already done that. AGAIN, imo opinion, THE WHOLE FREAKING PLANET, en masse, needs to cease movement, shut down and MEDITATE. Talk to Source. Get the deal going or we’re done. All at the same time. THE CABAL NEEDS TO BE GONE FROM THE PLANET.)
  • In The Galactic Super Federation, Earth is represented by ICC Earth Cabal. (Is he talking about Musk, Bezos and the other guy?)
  • We sit by giving up our power still looking for a savior. (I’m not)
  • The battle s are real out in the solar system but we are not winning (That contradicts Salla then. Not good)
  • He gets Earth Alliance briefings. They failed at the highest levels.
  • The Generals are spewing propaganda and associating with dark actors. Don’t buy the polarizing.
  • Earth Alliance v. Cabal propaganda now
  • They’re not arresting D.S. Cabal (I had that figured out a while ago. If they had, Biden wouldn’t be spouting off like he’s relevant.
  • The SSP is back on their heels now. The Dark Alliance has been exposed but it’s integrated with all of the other programs. They are “most wanted” hiding in gross Reptilian bases.
  • ICC pretended they didn’t know the dark fleet existed. It does.
  • Illegal E.T. are being held in life stasis on the moon for coming into our solar system.
  • The briefings he’s getting are not good.
  • He has been blackmailed extorted, and threatened in the community.

I have personally been threatened extorted and banned by my family this week, partly for being holistic, loving myself and not getting the vaccine, so something is separating the wheat from the chaff. I’m non-plussed after how I’ve been treated my entire life by criminals that call their actions love.

It’s dangerous to be an empowered Lightworker. Fortunately, I have friends.

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