Friday Update From Michael Salla at Exopolitics

I don’t like any of this, as you can guess, but my Intuition says it’s true. I’ve been following Dr. Salla less these days because I strongly agree with Dr. Greer that our strongest power is in the focus of our minds and spirituality. That should be obvious to my readers.

But what we’re dealing with now is spiritual indolence for millenia due to regressive evolution within the two Red tribes; Red Dragon and Red Serpent (The Draco and the Reptilians). He says in here that these kin are predatory and put self-interest first. Gee, who does that sound like? Humans can be fundamentally that way when stressed. It’s in our DNA. That’s because they’re species is dying! It’s a no-brainer. If you were suffering and laying on your death bed you would put yourself first also. What caused this? Bad choices in the past? Yes. Artificial Intelligence. It’s a bad deal! Real intelligence; Good deal.

It’s of HUGE import to humans because they BEGAN our species. Their DNA is in us. We would not be here without Tribe 1 and 5; Dragon and Serpent. The Dragon tribe gave us half our brain; the limbic brain. The mammalian species began with reptiles. We have breasts because of the reptilians. Mammals…mammary glands. It’s reptilian.

My heart felt heavy as I listened to this because I believe the bad E.T. seeds out there do require us to defend ourselves. The human species is priceless and awesome. We have to keep evolving forward. But at the same time, we need to continue to do what Dr. Greer is spiritually leading us to do, along with all of the Lightworkers on the planet; mediation, self-existing self-generation connected to Source, taking care of and loving our bodies. And he is loyal to J.C. as well.

We have a stormy past, we humans. But what our ancestors chose is not our doing. I’m convinced there is another very ancient story about the Red Dragon tribe on which we do not have details. China has all of that somewhere and that is why they are considered untrustworthy. I wonder if there is another piece to I Ching.

I would say, 75% of Terra (Earth) has had the great privilege to know of Master teachers coming to earth and teaching humans the way of peace and love. But some of Terra has not and they lag behind. Why? We need to understand their story, be patient and diligent.

The planetary reality is, we are going to have to juggle both peace, ascending evolution and those that are descending in their evolution while we make this shift. It’s not ideal but fortunately we have help.

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