Friday Daily Oracle; Perfecting Love Aligns with Venus Entering Scorpio

This day is ringing wedding bells! That never happens. LOL. It’s getting steamy in here. Good thing because it’s getting cold outside. Personally I’m just working and feel passionate about my book project. It’s really coming together and I’m pleased.

Body Holon

Left and right wrist come together and form this…

Tone 10 pulses to the left wrist. When Planetary and Self-Existing (right wrist) meet it’s prayer. God is IN us. It’s not religion, it’s nature/spirituality.

  • Theme is 10Aspartic Acid or White 10 Planetary Dog; Love
  • Analog is 10Methionine or Red 10 Planetary Moon; Purification
  • Guide Power this morning is 10Tyrosine or White 10 Planetary Mirror; Meditation
  • Antipode this afternoon is 10Stop Codon or Yellow 10 Planetary Sun; Enlightenment
  • Hidden Wisdom is 4Asparagine or Blue 4 Self-existing Monkey: Art
  • Fifth Density Galactic Force; 4Aspartic Acid or White 4 Self-Existing Dog; Love

“I Perfect in order to Love. Producing Loyalty I seal the process of Heart with the Planetary tone of Manifestation. I am guided by the power of Endlessness.

3:10:10:10- The Tzolkin

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mercury again jumping on to the AC strand, future back to present and the female receptive side.

Mercury, in challenging aspect to Uranus today
  • The Moon leaves balance-oriented Libra and enters perceptive Scorpio at 2:05 AM EDT.
  • Mercury forms a quincunx with Uranus today, which can find us feeling mentally unsettled. This is in full synchronicity with theme and analog which are mediated by Mercury. At this time, it can be a challenge to gain others’ understanding. We may be dealing with a lack of receptiveness to practical advice or unclear directions and instructions.
  • This afternoon, Venus enters Scorpio and will continue this transit until October 7th. It’s a highly emotional and passionate position for Venus. We seek projects, pleasures, and relationships that involve, absorb, or consume us in the weeks ahead. Be careful with your vulnerability if your project calls for focus. There is nothing more distracting than lust to harsh your game. However, we’re especially adept at handling money and resources during this cycle.

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