Saturday. We’re Able to Reason Through Details Today

I define in order to target. Measuring Awareness I seal the input of flowering with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of Universal-Fire.


There are many new stunning photos of Jupiter. Above you see Jupiter lightning, deep winds, storms and the great red spot.

Interplanetary Holon

The mediating planet is Jupiter, home of the pentagonal shape (5 sides) and amino acids valine and arginine. Valine is a non-polar neutral molecule and arginine is polar, positive charged. NATURE’S STARSHIPS. I. OBSERVED ABUNDANCES AND RELATIVE FREQUENCIES OF AMINO ACIDS IN METEORITES

Alyssa K. Cobb1,2 and Ralph E. Pudritz1,2

Published 2014 February 24 • © 2014. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.
The Astrophysical JournalVolume 783Number 2Citation Alyssa K. Cobb and Ralph E. Pudritz 2014 ApJ 783 140

I’m working through the above article right now to see whether valine and arginine have been found near Jupiter or on it’s moons which are icy aqueous. What is clear is that all of the amino acids are found all over our solar system but they need specific environments to thrive. What I love is that they have found hundreds of amino acids (our 20 are the building blocks) are billions of years old. This is ancient stuff that has not just stood the test of time but created time itself…Us.

  • Mercury forms a trine to Saturn today, helping us ground and center our thoughts and communications. Conversations may be spare but instructive.
  • It’s a good time for systematic thinking and a step-by-step approach (TONE 4!) to tasks and problems. This transit supports work with details. (TONE 4!)We’re cautious with our expectations, or at least we remind ourselves to be so.
  • However, the Moon spends the day in Leo, (Guide Power The Sun which rules Leo) encouraging our honorable, proud, and loving qualities. We might seek channels for expressing personal emotional drama or creative potential. We’re generally confident and prepared to take on whatever comes our way.

Body Holon

  • Tone 4 is Self Existing; Measuring, form, and defining all in sync with the astrology. It pulses to the right wrist. Tone 10 pulses to the left wrist.
  • Theme is 4Valine or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Seed; Flowering
  • Analog is 4Arginine or Blue 4 Self-Existing Eagle; Vision
  • Guide Power if 4StopCodon or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Sun; Enlightenment
  • Antipode is 4Lysine or White 4 Self-Existing Wizard; Timelessness
  • Hidden Wisdom is 10Phenylalanine or Red 10 Planetary Earth; Navigation
  • 5GForce is 10Histidine or Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior; Intelligence

I haven’t been posting the Earth Holon because I haven’t been able to get a solid fix on what’s really going on with the planet. There are too many competing forces for control, intervention from GFW (Galactic Federation of Worlds), and constant changes on our sun. Also, not much reliable info. out there. Maybe NOAA. I would have to use my intuition more. It’s another read I would have to do in meditation.

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