The Polarity Charges on the Interplanetary Holon

A very hip molecule. Maybe a little disco.

Looking at the Interplanetary Holon, it’s made very clear that;

** the strand of the double helix that curves to the right looking at it face on, is the CA or past to present strand.

**The strand that curves to the left looking at it face on is the AC or future to present.

In 3D science; The polar group consist of 10 amino acids,

  • 2 are negatively charged – aspartic acid and glutamic acid. (White Dog and Yellow Human)
  • 3 have a positive charge – arginine, lysine and histidine. (Blue Eagle (15), White Wizard (14), and Yellow Warrior (16))
  • 5 are uncharged – asparagine, glutamine, serine, threonine and tyrosine. (Blue Monkey, Red SW, Red Serpent, W WB and White Mirror)
  • The non-polar amino acids include: alanine, cysteine, glycine, isoleucine, leucine, methionine, phenylalanine, proline, tryptophan, tyrosine and valine. Most of them are neutral charge in 3D. (notice they are including proline which a type of stop codon actually)
  • Polarity of the amino acids affects the overall structure of a protein.

CA is (+) proton and forward moving and AC is (-) electron or backward moving.

If we line that up with the amino acids according to the interplanetary holon, it would dictate;

Theme and Analog

  • Stop Codon-; + Tryptophan-; –
  • Cysteine-; + Tyrosine-; –
  • Glycine-; + Phenylalanine-; –
  • Valine-; + Histidine-; –
  • Alanine-; + Arginine-; –
  • Serine-; + Lysine-; –
  • Threonine-; + Glutamine-; –
  • Isoleucine-; + Glutamic Acid-; –
  • Leucine-; + Asparagine-; –
  • Methionine-; + Aspartic Acid-; –

But of course they all function as theme, analog, G.P., analog, or H.W. throughout the spiraling of the harmonic. Science doesn’t see them spiraling. They analyze them with static charges because they only analyze the rigid DNA. The Tzolkin Harmonic shows them moving as tRNA. Therein lies the huge difference. So their charges change…everyday.

Think twice about anything you put in your body that is mRNA with it’s charges changing daily and what that is doing to your own DNA!! No one knows for sure but no doubt it will show up soon as bizarre mutations and in our grand children. Insane stuff.

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