Identify Your Distortions and Remedy Your Hindrances to Feel Better and Raise your Self-Esteem

We have Corey Goode to thank for this edification. He receives support from the Blue Avian and the Anshar. It takes work and focus mainly because of the subconscious programming of our family upbringing, but also because of our past lives that we brought to the planet with us. It’s our karma. If you follow the Tzolkin you will see it in your antipode position and your subconscious Hidden Wisdom position; your challenge and your gift. That’s the CA, civilizational advance, past to present timeline. Your support and guide power position will show you your dharma. There’s the balanced double helix of your DNA in the Tzolkin Theme-plex.

It might be time to suggest a new future to ourselves based on our Higher Selves. We can receive that information into our bodies by absorbing the light photons from our Sun. Just sit in the sun and it will reprogram your DNA. If you focus your mind on what you want all the better. The process of changing DNA via photons is highlighted in the Saturn video I just posted by David Wilcock. This is a scientifically established fact and has been for some time. That said, your Mind controls what the Sun can impart to you. You could hex it just as you can anything good when you have a negative attitude. I’m professional at that but I know how to pivot when I feel like it.

A few of my hindrances/distortions are;

  • belief that there is no way my work will be taken seriously if people know I’m a woman
  • belief that I have to align with a male in academia to be taken seriously
  • belief that, like other women who discovered things, someone will attempt to steal it and take credit for it
  • Based on observation and experience, women who are not fit and smiling have no power and aren’t respected. We have to objectify ourselves or we don’t exist
  • Intelligent women are threatening and unlovable to most men.
  • There is a big gender imbalance on the planet and I’m not sure how to approach it yet. But everyone woman I discuss it with has internalized it even more than I have so…we need to keep talking to one another. I know men have issues too but I barely understand them.

The good part is that I know there’s a slim chance that someone will get what I’m saying and help move it forward but I also accept that chances are I’ll fail. I have no problem with that because I know I’m right unless someone proves it to me otherwise, I love the work, I’m here to leave it and maybe posthumously it will be appreciated. I don’t care. Just because you are correct about something doesn’t mean it will spread. In fact, it’s usually the opposite.

And as my son reminded me of something I already know, unless you let that go of a belief, you’re drawing it to you. It’s harder to let go if it’s a deeply held belief by millions of people because then it’s socially affirmed.

Although, I have no trouble believing that illness and aging is B.S.yet almost everyone believes that is truth. I don’t and I never will. That is a HUGE distortion and basic ignorance about the power of the human body to exist in timelessness and heal our DNA.

Sitting in the sun can make you sleepy. That’s because it’s releasing healing hormones in your brain just as bodywork and Reiki do; serotonin, dopamine, enkephalins, etc.

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