David Wilcock on GAIA Regarding Saturn

So many synchronicities with my Tzolkin research in this! And Dr. Luc Montagnier, Nobel winner molecular biologist is brought up. He worked with Dr. Chavez.


Saturn changes are highlighted in the video

Saturn rules Capricorn and mediates Yellow Warrior-Histidine Blue Night Alanine.

Dec. 5, 2010, the date they saw the huge “serpentine storm” on Saturn was Red 7 Resonant Dragon. Major synchronicity.

They all keep wondering where the changes are coming from. My opinion; Physicist David Bohm’s bridge between implicate and explicate order connects galactic center to the interplanetary holon, all 10 planets. They all have Psi Banks and they all function according ro the binary triplet configuration where the Zone of tranformation is in the middle, then there is a N. Polar Zone and S. Polar Zone.

The planets own Psi Bank regulates how Time moves on each planet according to the role it plays in the Tzolkin Harmonic. And of course they all regulate two archetypes or amino acids for evolution of life in our particular solar system. 13:20.

Saturn played a key role in keeping our species together after the Tiamat blowup. The changes are occurring bc it’s role for us is changing with our ascension. We no longer need its control.

David is Yellow 10 Planetary Seed.

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