The Reverse, Backward Movement of the Harmonic in the Psi Bank

What you see above are 8 Tzolkin Harmonics, 4 facing up, 4 facing down but diagonal from each other. Look at the ones on the bottom. Red 1 Dragon, kin#1 is in the bottom right. If you turned it right side up it would look just like the top harmonics. This shows how they are processed through the Psi bank like computer code. This is from Earth Ascending page 149.

It’s a type of mirroring in synchronicity with today’s theme-plex; White 11 Spectral mirror. I started on this idea yesterday wondering about what was really happening with mRNA reverse transcriptase that Bruce Lipton was talking about in his video that I posted a few days ago. Listen to it again. He says that the DNA Dogma taught that the DNA only moved in one direction. That’s not the case once you understand mRNA reverse transcriptase and that speaks DIRECTLY to Tzolkonic Movement and current epigenetic claims of being able to program your own DNA by going backward. Or, as I’m suggesting in my book based on research, past to present or future to present AS TIME. Nobody knows that yet but us. Earth Ascending was written before anyone understood epigenetics; 1984.

You can see the backward movement in this image. The bottom four harmonics are upside down. That’s a #20 along the left side and #13 across the top; 20 tribes of time or 20 A.A. and 13 Tones of Creation.

I’m studying this in alignment with three locations on the ribosome of the double helix that is added to the A.A. sequence; A site, P site, and E site. Once the RNA picks a site it’s copied into the helicase BACKWARD as fast as a jet plane. It’s shown in a couple videos I have and I’ve posted it on here before. The scientists have seen the actual movement but they don’t know what causes it…of course.

Then it goes to the mysterious Kinetochore where eventually it’s turned into a chromosome and then a nuclear pore with a nuclear membrane that breaks apart. I’ve watched the process several times.

Back to the ribosome; it comes from the mRNA (messenger RNA which is being utilized by the CV2 vaccine makers to program our RNA with god knows what). The mRNA moves like a computer program through the ribosome, through a few more steps, until it’s turned into tRNA or transfer RNA.

What are the three types of mRNA?

  • mRNA (messenger RNA): Produced during transcription.
  • rRNA (ribosomal RNA): Together with proteins, composes the ribosome, the organelles that are the site of protein synthesis.
  • tRNA (transfer RNA): Brings the correct amino acid to the ribosome during translation.

Once again, it seems to me the Tzolkin Harmonic Theme-plex is the tRNA that brings the correct amino acid to the ribosome during translation. Of course all of this is in dynamic evolution though and is never exactly the same so that’s where the patterns I’ve observed come in such as the occult partner (your mother’s DNA) and the alpha and omega point placement. It’s not simple. In addition, the function of the G.A. P. kin are epic. That’s in the book as well.

I hate to tell the scientists this but none of it can be controlled. 98% of evolution is beyond any human or stellar species control. People experiment with it but I for one am not convinced that’s terribly wise. It depends on what they’re doing. Natural evolution is not the same, by far, as genetic experimentation on different species.

My point is, the reverse transcriptase happens through the mRNA whose action is in synchronicity with the movement of the harmonic in the Psi Bank or ELM Van Allen Belts around the earth.

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