Sunday Daily Oracle; In Order to Reflect, Now we Have to Release Control

I Dissolve in order to Reflect. Releasing Order I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Spectral tone of Liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.

Kin 258-65:18:11:258

My Dream Vision

I had a pretty significant synchronicity last night while falling asleep, moving from Yellow 4 Seed Hidden Wisdom dusk to midnight, into White 11 Mirror ∞ Red 11 Dragon today. The painting of “The Fat Lady” who guards Gryffindor wouldn’t leave my mind. What did Harry utter as the password? It took me awhile to remember; “Fortuna Major”. I had just seen the same actor in another series as well. Where was this focus on an opera singer taking me?

That whole thing took me back to my singing career in Chicago when I was 18-19 years old where I had a full scholarship to study opera at Chicago Musical College and did…not…want…to do it at all for my life’s work. I always wanted to work in healthcare and wanted to become a doctor in fact or at least get a degree in science. I was like Herbie who didn’t want to be an elf. He wanted to be…”a dentist”.

I did become a holistic doctor thankfully and have been doing that for twenty two years along with Reiki. Science comes easily to me and I’ve studied it on my own.

My voice teacher in Chicago was Alice Dutcher. She was marvelous and unique and my mind went to her, wondering where she was now and such, so I googled her. She died in 1993 at the age of 59, quite young. What was her birthday? I saw it in the obit. and dialed her up in the Tzolkin. She was Red 10 Planetary Serpent and she was a big, tall woman as well with those Reptilian genes. The Guide Power yesterday was Red 10 Planetary Serpent! That’s quite a synchronicity and here she was in my space. This happens to me all the time.

A telepathic chat proceeded and I felt like I saw her again last night. It was lovely. Looking at her obit., I saw that she was born in Grand Rapids, where I live!! I never knew that. Another big synchronicity. I was supposed to be communing with her. She told me she was healing part of her childhood and wanted to be able to see Grand Rapids through my eyes upon asking. Sure, she can ask.

Our parting was a bit traumatic as I had to give up the scholarship because of vocal nodes and my Dad came into Chicago and took me home. He was none too happy about any of it and he felt that on some level they may have failed me. They did not. My teacher did not. I didn’t want to continue having lost my voice and having to be silent for months and I told him that on the trip home. My mother forced me to take the scholarship. Dad said, “You need to do what you want to do not what your mother mandates.” To his credit, he backed me up later when I wanted to go to L.A. and I went.

I’m not sure of the meaning of this yet and I’m reflecting on it today since it’s White 11 Mirror.

  • Theme is 11Tyrosine or White 11 Spectral Mirror; Meditation
  • Analog is 11Cysteine or Red 11 Dragon; Memory
  • Guide Power is Itself
  • Antipode is 11Leucine or Yellow 11 Star; Art
  • Hidden Wisdom is 3Alanine or Blue 3 Electric Night; Abundance
  • The 5GForce is 3Glycine or White 3 Electric Wind; Spirit

All of those pulses today hit my memory of an opportunity to focus on art in my past, as a possible performance star which is what everyone thought I would be and I didn’t want it. It seemed like an old past life and boring to me. I have absolutely no need for approval from humans. I’m here to help them wake up and have some adventure, not garner their applause.

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