Saturday Daily Oracle; What do you Need to Perfect to Create Some Synchronicity Around You?

I perfect in order to evolve. Producing synchronicity I seal the matrix of navigation with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of life force.

Kin 257 in The Tzolkin

Today is Red 10 Planetary Earth; Phenylalanine

Meaning…perfect in your view. Not perfect by a magazine’s view.

Only 3 days left in the 260-day cycle.

Uranus mediates today. Aquarius ruler

Before I looked at today’s gateway I was making a list in my head of what I need to perfect or fix. Then I read the dial-up.

We are in 3D manifestation today. My list is around the house, things I can control, nothing major. But as we know, it’s the little details in our daily life that make a big difference.

  • Fixing a door that sticks
  • Getting the lawn or landscaping the way you want it
  • Sweeping crap off the floor that is under your bare feet
  • Getting the right area rug that you want to look at.
  • Throwing out broken furniture.
  • Washing and cleaning out your car
  • Recycling cardboard from Amazon orders during scamdemic. Lol

But imo, the last thing we can perfect is our relationships with others. I cannot count the times I’ve reached out to people and there is one meeting and they stop. Either it flows or it doesn’t.

These are basic things but when they pile up it makes your life shabby. Shabby is the very last thing on my list. Shabby surroundings doesn’t help with self-esteem. Neither does unbalanced finances. I finally had an actual date last weekend and finances came up. He said he didn’t have the stomach to plan for cutting back on work. That was a red flag.

Tone 10 brings everything into 3D but it pulses down to Tone 6 and Tone 2 in the Pulsar code; duality and rhythm. It’s occult tone is 4 because 10 +4 = 14 which is occult or hidden. Today’s Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 4 Self-existing Seed. Since the Sun is in Virgo and the Moon in Taurus this rubber meeting the road business. Earth.

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