Friday Daily Oracle; Intelligent Questioning is Supported by the Universe if not By a Desperate Society

I pulse in order to Question. Realizing Fearlessness I Seal the output of Intelligence with the Solar Tone of Intention. I am Guided by the Power of Free Will

64:16:9:256 Yellow 9 Warrior

The coordinate is harmonic#, archetype #, Tone# and Kin#. There is only one more harmonic left in this galactic spin so it ends on Tuesday of next week, August 31; Yellow 13 Sun. That’s a good synchronicity with the end of August and the end of the galactic spin. This coming fall is not going to be normal by any stretch.

Saturn mediates Today with the Moon in Taurus

The Fifth Density G-Force is Yellow 5 Overtone Seed or 5Valine. Fifth density support comes to a highly focused, aware mind. Otherwise you won’t notice it.

I Ching 23; Splitting Apart

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