Bruce Lipton, My Direct Analog, Hit This One OUT of the Ballpark.

Watch it slowly, digest what he’s saying, think about what you’ve learned on this blog. This is a must watch.

Bruce is White 13 Cosmic World Bridger, like Dr. Greer. They are super intelligent, tuned in, all about empowerment, outspoken, with hearts of gold.

Based on my research there is much more to this as you know. Not only are we the masters of our DNA but because DNA is Time we are masters of our own time. Jose used to say, “Whoever owns your mind owns your time.” Tone 4 Self-Existing is a call to create your own vortex and control your time which just translates to controlling your own body since your body is DNA. And what is your body? Your body is ONE with your mind and spirit. That’s what the Mind, Body, Spirit movement is about. The use of your time and your mind are within your choice and THAT CHOICE, that action, changes…your DNA.

Then there is the fact that, I’ve found, in the tRNA Tzolkin Theme-plex your birth DNA is only one fifth of your genetic programming (your mother in the hidden wisdom position). The other four fifths is from stellar species in our local universe. So there is much more to flow here and hopefully, my book will help.

Bruce does not know who I am nor anything about my book yet but he will.

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