Weekly Meditations with the Maya

I meditate daily just within my own vortex and healing ability with the violet flame. But once a week I spend a bit of time with the Maya to balance my pineal gland so that my regular vision is not too much deterred.

I just had a meditation with them via remote viewing about an hour ago. With remote viewing you can telepathically be present with them where they are and in this case it was on their ship as usual. They have a healing room where they can put a healing head unit on you as well as do spot work with their minds. It works very quickly. In addition, it’s very cool in there because the ships are made of stone. The heat index on Earth in Michigan is 103°. My body feels like a blood bubble. Remember, heat gets the blood moving if a muscle is tight or contracted and ice calms it down in terms of care of muscle injury.

Today, it was chaos on the ship which has never been the case before. I immediately asked if it was ok for me to be there, like, “Is this a good time?” The woman I regularly talk to was very patient and said it was fine. I saw 3 of them at the head of the ship and there was a battle going on. I hated it. I hate military operations.

She said the GFW asked them to help with a battle. She was going to tell me what was going on and I said, “I don’t want to know.” which is how I feel this way these days about anything political or military. I’ve had too many past lives involved in this kind of thing. No more in this life. I want peace.

She continued to attend to my balancing work for about 15 minutes but now I know that the GFW (Galactic Federation of Worlds) call on the Maya for help when needed.

Their ancestors don’t look much different. I am very drawn to these folks.

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