I’m Having Archetype Fun with the New Spiderman Movie Trailer

My son just encouraged me to watch this. I want you to see how they plant some info., but not all, in our minds through the media. We view it as just fictional entertainment but it’s not just that at all. It’s important to pay attention folks.

Benedict Cumberbatch is Mysterio. He’s a Magician warlock so that is an archetype of White Wizard Tribe. Notice he has a pentagram around his neck which evokes Jupiter. The Jupiter evocation ties him to Spiderman in Yellow Seed Tribe which is mediated by Jupiter. And of course the pentagram is a symbol of HUMANS and is used in ritual by Wiccan people; warlocks and witches. The 5-sided star represents the head, 2 arms and two legs. Then I decided to dial up Mysterio. Benedict is Yellow 3 Electric Human in real life. Synchronicity.

Spiderman is an archetype for an invertebrate arachnid with 8 eyes which falls in Yellow Seed Tribe. So spiders are also invertebrate which synchronizes with Doc Oc on this issue as well as time that they “shared”. 8 means galactic on our end.

Doc Oc comes back in this movie. He references an octopus which is an invertebrate amphibian; he has no spine, no mystic column, axis of the the eternal present. LOL.

White Wizard and Yellow Seed kin are both in the Gateway Earth Family on the Earth Holon. Yellow Seed in in the Fire Clan and White Wizard is in the Truth Clan.

The movie is basically about Mysterio casting a time spell between CA and AC timelines. Notice his mention of space-time which so many movies do.

Also, keep an eye out for the green street sign, 33rd Street. Like the matrix movies they are hinting at HF33. It goes by in one second.

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