Sunday Daily Oracle; Illusion in the Matrix is Apparent Today

I define in order to play. Measuring Illusion I seal the process of magic with he self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of accomplishment.


It’s the Mayan gateway of 9/11/01 twenty years ago.

Body Holon

  • Theme is 4Asparagine or Blue 4 Self-Existing Monkey; detailed illusion in FORM or 3D. But it’s still illusion. Just because you see it with your physical eyes doesn’t mean it’s real. They eyes are just sensors, they don’t actually “see”.
  • Analog is 4Leucine or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star; measuring form as art and elegance
  • Guide Power this morning is 4Isoleucine or Blue 4 Hand; defining healing, knowing what form it’s taking
  • Antipode this afternoon is 4Cysteine or Red 4 Dragon; Assessing blood memory, mother issues
  • Hidden Wisdom is 10Aspartic Acid or White 10 Planetary Dog; perfecting love, loyalty, and heart.
  • 5GForce is 10Methionine or Red 10 Planetary Moon. This is the 5D manifestation of a new DNA sequence.

Earth Holon


The mediating planet is VENUS.

Most of the Blue Monkey portal covers the United States at 30W°N–150°W.

Interplanetary Holon

The Moon reaches Full at 8:02 AM EDT, The Moon leaves Aquarius at 8:43 AM EDT when it moves into layered, compassionate Pisces.

Today’s Full Moon is in the final degree of the sign, bringing a very full, bright, and perhaps final perspective on a matter. Realizations are full-on. Or…realizations of ILLUSIONS full on. It’s a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of what we started around the time of the New Moon. Romance, fertilization, and blossoming feelings or relationships figure strongly.

The Sun moves into Virgo this afternoon, where it will transit until September 22nd. Our focus shifts to the pieces of the puzzle–the details of our lives. It’s now time to take care of practical concerns. Attending to the details of daily living can free us from the unnecessary stress that results from “collecting” odds and ends of unfinished business. It’s an ideal cycle to get organized, do detail work, and improve connections and communications on the job. Rediscovering the joy of our work, services, chores, and routines can be in focus in the month ahead.

The I Ching Hx is Turning Point, turning around and that is in 100% synchronicity with the planetary movements right now; full moon ending is a pivot point and Sun moving from Leo to Virgo is a big pivot point.

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