Conscious Observers; Mercury’s Unusual Data

In the Tzolkin Harmonic, Mercury mediates Red Moon Methionine (right foot) and White Dog Aspartic Acid (left foot).

  • It has a strange ELM field
  • 3:2 spin orbit resonance. It rotates 3X for every 2 Earth orbits. This is in synchronicity with the Tzolkin binary triplet configuration of the DNA on another level
  • It takes 59 earth days to do one full spin on it’s axis. That’s half of it’s synodic period compared to Earth or 118 days. It’s not a coincidence as they say in the video. It’s a synchronicity.
  • This planet moves rhythmically to Tone 6 around the sun
  • It has an eccentric orbit
  • Greater solar wind pressure
  • Energetic bursts of electrons (-) in the N. Hemisphere on the solar side. So it has an active N. Polar Zone
  • It’s covered in vital minerals.
  • Water vapor is present at the poles
  • There are hollows and volcanic deposits

I think it acts as a vitamin for the Interplanetary Holon the same way our Body Holon needs supplementation.

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