Saturday Daily Oracle; Activating Love and Hearing Saturn’s Radio Waves

“I activate in order to love. Bonding loyalty I seal the process of heart with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of timelessness. I am a polar kin. I establish the white galactic spectrum

Kin 250; 63:10:3:250

The mediating planet is Mercury today and the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are in in Virgo which is ruled by Mercury. Synchronicity with the Interplanetary Holon as usual.

The message is; time to get organized and clean it up. Get your plans straight and get practical. Many people are planning for more education in any way they choose.

  • Theme: 3aspartic acid or White 3 Electric Dog, J.C.’ s birth theme-plex. His mission was to communicate love, not start a new sect of Judaism; Christianity.
  • Analog is 3methionine or Red 3 Electric Moon. Speaking of starts, it is the start codon for a DNA sequence. Synchronicity.
  • Guide Power is 3lysine or White 3 Electric Magician; receptivity and eternity
  • Antipode is 3stopcodon or Yellow 3 Electric Sun. This is an upload through the psi bank.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 11asparagine or Blue 11 Spectral Monkey. This is Jose’s birth gateway. He’s the occult partner of J.C. and he felt that.
  • The 5GForce is 11aspartic Acid or White 11 Spectral Dog.

Earth Holon

White 3 Electric Dog establishes the White Galactic Spectrum on Earth. What is an earth holon color spectrum? A spectrum os a range of manifestation like a rainbow. In our case, 4 colors.

The spectra are 65-kin code of three 20-kin and one 5-kin sequence cued to the bar-five chromatics; four primary color code overtone g-fractal interlocking galactic spins. It’s the basis of the 1:5 ratio master fractal. It functions as the tractor fractal that pulls third into fourth dimensional time.

I haven’t figured this out in the genome yet but it makes sense upon first read. We have 65 kin and there are 4 of those in a galactic spin; 65 x 4 = 260. That along with the four primary colors of red, white, blue and yellow creates the 52 day castles and there are 5 of those in a galactic spin; 52 x 5 = 260. These kin are all positioned at the furthermost northern point at the North Pole of Earth to be initiators of their color spectrum. They create the Northern Lights or aurora borealis. That is in synchronicity with the Earth Holon.

  • The Red Galactic spectrum is the season of the serpent (serine)
  • The White Galactic spectrum is the season of the dog (aspartic acid)
  • The Blue Galactic spectrum is the season of the eagle (arginine)
  • The Yellow Galactic spectrum is the season of the sun (stop codon)

These are all in the polar Earth Family

  • Tone 3 polar Earth family establishes one of the four galactic spectra (white 3 dog)
  • Tone 10 polar Earth family extends one of the four galactic spectra. (blue 10 eagle)
  • Tone 4 polar Earth family converts one of the four galactic spectra (yellow 4 sun)
  • Tone 11 polar Earth family transports one of the four galactic spectra. (red 11 serpent) which was a few days ago.

They do the same activity with the 20-kin chromatics. Now we seem to dealing with sound or radio-sonics which come from Saturn. The sound is very chromatic. It sounds creepy because you hear no whole tones.

This one has more info.

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