Translating proteins into music, and back | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jose knew amino acids were musical 50 years ago. I knew it 30 years ago. But to use them to do crazy-making in the human genome as they’ve done with the RNA vaccine is not something that anyone intelligent, stable, and creative wants to do. The DS does this kind of genetic experiment underground in the MIL labs. They are reputably psychopaths.

The Mayan Tzolkin Tones of Creation have planted seeds in the likes of MIT folks, although they probably wouldn’t admit it. Unless…it’s a synchronicity. They got the idea that amino acid proteins have sound attached to them from somewhere. Gee, I must be on to something.

But their motivation is to expand A.I. without understanding what they’re creating. They have no idea. This is how Tiamat got blown up. They thought they understood the power of the Sun and timed it wrong. Instead, their military weapon blew up the planet.

The asteroid belt

Elon Musk is opposed to expansion of A. I. and he is White 3 Electric World-Bridger. He has unconscious memory of having to escape the disaster as do all White World-Bridger and Red Skywalker kin. They are playing with fire and it’s pure ego.

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