Time is an Abstract Concept Currently


But time is not abstract, it’s concrete within this dimension because of the holographic matrix powered by Our Sun. The Sun isn’t abstract. You can see it and feel it. Scientists have gotten close to it with the Van Allen probes (the Psi Bank) and analyze it’s activity constantly but I don’t know if they actually feel it or get what the Sun is about. Galactic Center, Pure Love and Light come through the Sun as a type of movie projector and sustains all life, good and bad for our soul education. The Psi Bank is the Source of the Tzolkin Harmonic which programs DNA. That programming of DNA creates gravity and time.

The only way something can be apparent is if light is shining on it. Our light comes from our Sun which astronomical science has proven to move in distinct, predictable cycles that directly affect us and all life on earth because of ELM, or electromagnetism. Think of it as a combination of magnetic tone one and electric tone 3 brought together by polar tone 2 which is the binary crossover polarity of + protons and – electrons. That all happens in DNA and once again, it’s established that all life has electromagnetism within it.

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