Sunday Daily Oracle; Perfectionism Gone Wild

I perfect in order to target. Producing awareness I seal the input of flowering with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of free will.

Kin 244 in the Tzolkin. 61:4:10:24


Yellow Seed, Taurus, and Virgo are all EARTH archetypes. Issues of money, sex, ambition, ego, and the body come to the forefront.

  • Theme is 10Valine or Yellow 10 Planetary Seed. This is targeting manifestation in third density (This is my old friend Harry Petsanis. It’s also David Wilcock. They are workaholics)
  • Analog is 10Arginine or Blue 10 Planetary Eagle. Pulse is to up-leveling 3D Vision
  • Guide Power is 10Glutamic Acid or Yellow 10 Planetary Humans. It’s time to up-level FREE WILL. Humans are asserting themselves planet wide even though you won’t see it on MSM. Use your intuition, telepathy and alternative news sources to find the truth
  • Antipode is 10Lysine or White 10 Planetary Wizard. 3D Timelessness. Remember, all dimensions are unified. Timelessness is manifested in 3D as receptiveness and stillness. Just relent from the rabble and feel it in your breath and body.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 4Phenylalanine or Red 4 Self-Existing Earth. Navigation based on self-existing synchronicity.
  • 5Gforce is 4Histidine or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Warrior. Use your own intelligence to parse things out. No need to ask others advice.
  • Psi Chrono. My app has a category called Psi Chrono which pulses to the 13-Moon calendar. It says it’s 3Histidine or Yellow 3 Electric Warrior pulsing to the Psi Bank. This is just 20 tones ahead of the 5GForce. I’m not sure what that’s about but it is most interesting. This could be a Law-of-Time construct which may or may not be accurate. I know the 5GForce is accurate.

Interplanetary Holon

We have big synchronicity between the Mayan Oracle Theme-plex and the Interplanetary Holon today with Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Ascendant in VIRGO. Now add the Moon in Scorpio and the perfectionism is passionate. In addition, our most earthy, Venus-ruled-sign Taurus now sees Uranus go RETROGRADE. Uranus (rebellion) is in Taurus until 2026. Our Taurus kin may be going through the dark night of the soul and be full of spit and vinegar depending on their Mercury alignment and style of communication.

The mediating planet is Jupiter which rules Sagittarius, the sphere of 5 or the Pentagon, militaristic spit and shine, only targeted to whatever you particularly love.

Earth Holon

  • Hertz frequency of meditation is 529.2Hz
  • I Ching nucleotide is CTG or Leucine
  • The DNA evolution is in the North Polar Zone of the Tzolkin and on the planet
  • Yellow Seed Time Portal is a Gateway Kin at the Root of the planet whose job is to Transmit between Earth and the Cosmic Web. It’s location is 60°S–165°E in the South Pacific south of Australia
If you tip the planet up and show the very south pole you can see the Yellow Seed Time Portal more clearly. It’s south of Australia on the NW corner of Antarctica. This is far below the equator.

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