Pars Kutay Speaks

Earth is NOW going on a Cascade Ascent (Ascension) through the levels of the Quantum State.

It is clearing the planet of low-frequency vibrations and tunes it to HIGHER Ultrasonic Tones. This causes aches to Earth and in everybody as a signal of CHANGES.

There is a rapid Influx of LIGHT and ENERGIES from Creation contributing to vast CHANGE on the planet. This CHANGE is a requisite for Ascension.

There is a Delightfully Positive FUTURE Coming Our Way. Some are Feeling the Building Energies of FREEDOM and the HIGHER Dimensional Consciousness of the Fifth Dimension.

This can require the Need to SHIFT and Let Go of lower consciousness energies. There is much to BE determined still as the process continues.

It is BE-ing created in the process. When Vacuums occur… they need to BE Filled with Other ENERGIES and that is What’s Happening NOW.

The Other Energies are HIGHER LOVE … NOT fear… JOY… HAPPINESS… PEACE… ABUNDANCE… and Well-BEing. This is our FUTURE and it is appropriate to CLAIM it daily as part of our routine. (Lisa; This has to be consciously done as it is not there to grab right now.)

WE Anchor in more of our I AM Presence… our GOD SELF. Deeply connect with the Creative SOURCE. WE find that place in our Hearts that needs the LOVE and Reassurance. WE Fill the Vacuum.

Our Consciousness is Rising. Humanity is seeking Solace from the Spirit Within.

Attempting to hold onto the old will NO Longer serve us. This is The Great Awakening.That which served us in the material world will BEcome less significant.

WE have an Amazing FUTURE to look forward to where WE will BE able to Manifest anything WE Need.

It will BE far Better than anything that We have had to which We were attached previously.

Wishing you PEACE where there is sorrow… HEALING… LOVE where there is fear…

Understanding and Compassion for our SELVES and Others… Strength… Courage… Awareness… Laughter… and LIGHT Heartedness.

WE Stretch our Minds so We KNOW that WE will get through this and it will all have been Worth It!

Within Sacred LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

Photo: The New Earth – Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies… of Noordhoek Beach, South Africa… captured by Steven Joffe

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