Friday Mayan Daily Reading; Lay Low Today With a Rough Mars-Saturn Aspect on the Back of Uranus Mediated White 9 Wind

I Harmonize in order to Communicate. Modeling Breath I seal the input of Spirit with the Galactic tone of Integrity. I am guided by the power of CHANGE.

Kin 242-The Tzolkin. 61:2:8:242

There is conflict and discipline in the air which could fly through human communication today. Just because White Wind has the attribute of Spirit doesn’t mean it’s positive or easy. Spiritual maturing is never easy. We are asked to “remedy our hindrances and raise our frequency.” This is ascension. It literally changes the body. People can see it. That’s how you’ll know you’re on the mark.

We land on White 9 Solar Wind behind some stormy weather in Blue Eagle Time Portal (the U.S.) with Blue 6 Rhythmic Storm still in the Hidden Wisdom position. We’ve had Tryptophan addled Blue Storm in the mix for 3 days and I’m ready for this self-generating admonition to be gone.

URANUS mediates White Wind ∞ Red Earth and rules Aquarius

Uranus is grumpy ruling Aquarius along with Saturn ruling Capricorn shaking a finger at us. Find something fun to do and leave the rabble behind who are in the antipode position anyway as Yellow 9 Solar Human. Hurray.

The Guide Power as White 9 Solar World-Bridger is up so that means more solar changes literally in the White Solar Wind. It would be a mistake to take anything seriously today. We definitely need to be adept at spinning up our own vortex and ignore the rest.

My psychic senses are vibrating as though something is letting loose and resisting it. A good workout and water will put you in positive territory. It’s not illegal yet to take care of yourself and be happy. They may not have time to get to that on their list of mandates before they have to flee.

Fifth Density comes to us as White 6 Rhythmic Mirror so there is some REFLECTION being asked of us. We can accept the help or not.

Interplanetary Holon

We are on the (+) side, CA, civilizational advance, male, side of the Holon so our minds ponder the past into the present more than future to present, although that is the analog. Remember that the lemniscate ∞ is always pulling the other side over so that they work in tandem AS TIME. In this case the analog is Red 8 Galactic Earth.

It’s as simple as realizing you can sit still and remember and ponder the past for 2 minutes and then desire, plan, see, and intend the future the next 2 minutes. That’s our DNA. Both strands CREATE AS TIME in our minds together. We learn from the past and remember it so we have one tidbit as experience to plan the future.

The issue there is that our past isn’t fully informed of the POSSIBILIITIES and the possibilities have been kept from us in our society by the DS. Use as wide and fantastic a net as you can to bring in and plan your future because on this planet, it’s all been kept secret for the elite, away from humans. That will end.

Tone 8 pulses to the left shoulder.

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