Tuesday Reading ; We are Sealing the Matrix Further for Self-Generation

I Empower in order to Catalyze. Commanding Energy I seal the Matrix of Self-Generation with the overtone tone of Radiance. I am guided by the power of Accomplishment. I am a galactic activation portal…

Kin 239, The Tzolkin. 60:19:5:239
Pluto is 4.67 billion miles from the Earth but Saturn is even further.

Tone 5 Pulses to the right elbow.

#239 is a GAP kin and here is the Synchronicity;

Look at the amino acids diagonally in each kin. Today is on the bottom and it’s inverse is on top. 9 White Wind it’s today’s Hidden Wisdom or Mother’s DNA and they are in occult position adding up to 14 across from each other.

In Kin 22, you can see that 9E, Yellow Human is Occult to 5I, Blue Hand in Kin 239 and the themes and Hidden wisdom match each other in both.

The Theme, the antipode, and the Hidden Wisdom are in Occult relationship with each other indicating that the mother’s DNA encoding of the subconscious mind controls the dynamic challenge (antipode) between the two timelines or double helix strands in our DNA. We are still embodied holographically in a dualistic dimension for soul growth so no one comes to earth to have a picnic everyday. Best not to complain and learn your soul lessons to get to dharma, the opposite of karma. We call if remedying your hindrances to raise your frequency.

Your personal analog or support and Guide power will help make things smoother and get you to dharma. Let me know if you want your chart done.

Kin 22 AAT-N, TTA-L9G, 9F, 9Y, 9E, 5W
Kin239 TTA-L, AAT-N 5W, 5SC, 5I, 5M, 9G
From “Time is DNA” by Lisa K. Townsend

Blue5 Storm Theme ∞Yellow 5 Sun Analog pulses to the left and right brain

The mediating planet is Pluto. It rules Scorpio.

We have the Stop Codon as Yellow 5 Sun and the Start Codon as Red 5 Moon in Analog and Antipode position so there is a feel of a new cycle moving which is in synchronicity with the New Moon and the Lion’s Gate 8:8.

Operative words today are Self-Generation and Enlightenment.

We are in the South Polar Zone so the next few days are negatively charged with electrons meaning the energy is low key. We are evolving on the AC strand; future back to present, backward in time to reassess what the group is creating or changing from the future.

I think this strand moves slower and plods along due to the MSM media programming of people’s minds to stay STUCK in the past or on the CA timeline; past into present. I don’t think most people can turn it off media. They are psychologically addicted because they can’t feel their soul in their body or their own QI.

Most people are programmed to keep evoking the past which means nothing changes significantly and we keep repeating the same patterns. It’s being stuck in a time warp which we have been for millenia now mainly due to the choices and then mistakes of Tiamat and Atlantis.

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