The Eyes are the Window to the Soul and to the Pineal Gland in the Brain

The physical eyes pulse to Red Dragon in the right eye and White Mirror in the left eye. They are mediated by Neptune and their two keys words are Memory and Meditation.

This is very synchronistic with the action of the pineal gland and our DNA. A patient asked me yesterday if the opening of the pineal gland helped the physical eyes or hindered them. I think it hinders them for now.

My eyesight changed after I had Covid19 but my meditation and Reiki skyrocketed so…one half dozen or the other. When I close my eyes I drop back into the stargate easily now. My physical eyes get stressed when I rely on them for too long.

This can be quite a compromise for humans that feel their eyes tell them the truth or define their reality. The physical eyes are just sensors in the holographic matrix. They don’t actually see. That’s one of the first things that military special ops teaches people for remote viewing service.

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