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This coincides with the New Moon in Leo…The Lion. Great Synchronicity.

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We are in the Planetary New Year and the LIONS GATE PORTAL. This is that Time in the Sacred Year when We BEgin a NEW CYCLE of Time and Creation.

At this Time… Sirius rises in the Morning Sky… conjunct to our Sun… and for this creative moment our Planet has two Suns… a White/Gold Sun… and a Blue Sun (Sirius).

In this Magical Energy the Planet also aligns with the Lions Gate in the Constellation of Leo (8th August) and the Royal Star Regulus… also known as the “Heart of the Lion”, which ushers in a NEW CYCLE and Timeline for Earth.

This year… We have been under Great Pressure to raise our Personal Frequency and Accelerate our Evolution so that We can Commence our NEW CYCLE at the HIGHEST Frequency possible for NEW EARTH.

This is to enable us to step into the NEW EARTH Reality and Fully Activate our New Earth Human… Human Angelic Template in our DNA.

This will enable us to detach from the lower levels of chaos on the lower timeline… and to live in a Reality of Peaceful and Loving Community as a NEW EARTH Human.

Over the past years… We have raised our Consciousness from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension of LIGHT… released layers of accumulated negative energy and Reactivated our original Human Angelic Template with Great Success.

The 3rd Dimensional Human was a Being with 7 active Chakras who needed to meditate to access the SOUL and HIGHER SELF which were “above” the Human body.

The 5th Dimensional New Earth Human is a Multi-Dimensional Being of 13 active Chakras which includes a direct connection to the SOUL… HIGHER SELF and the Solar… Galactic… and Cosmic Aspects of SELF.

The main indication of our Ascension to this State is our Awareness of Solar Movements and Energies as We will “feel” within our LIGHT Bodies and our Physical Bodies the flows of PLASMA and Solar LIGHT CODES as they pervade Earth’s atmosphere in the Sun’s ongoing conversation with the Earth.

We will Receive the Diamond LIGHT CODES and Integrate them in a Conscious and Joyful way.

We will BEcome Aware of our Galactic Heritage and our personal connection to the Stars.

In this LIONS GATE transit… We will BEcome Aware of the Stellar and Galactic Masters of LIGHT… such as the Royal Lions… and the Angelic BEings… such as the Elohim… who work with us to Accomplish the Birthing of the NEW EARTH.

The NEW EARTH HUman Angel is a Heart centred BEing. Unlike the “older version” of Humanity… which was centered in the Mind / Solar Plexus… NEW EARTH HUmans operate from the Heart.

This means that the Heart is the Centre of BALANCE and the connection point for the SOUL and HIGHER SELF.

All decisions and choices in the NEW EARTH are made from the Heart.

We make these choices through Feeling… Intuition… and Deep Inherent Wisdom… rather than by the directions of the rational mind.

The mind may provide information… but its purpose is NOT to make choices and decisions. These are made at a Deeper level by the HEART and SOUL.

The basis of All Choices and Decisions in the NEW EARTH is LOVE.

There will BE NO fear and control in the NEW EARTH… but simply the Flow of LOVE and Creation… as WE Evolve and Grow through our ongoing Creations.

The NEW EARTH HUman sees Nature as Sacred and Respects the original purpose of the Earth as a Sacred Planet and a Garden for the JOY of the Galaxy and All its BEings.

The NEW EARTH HUman Angels are Keepers of the Sacred Planetary Garden and are also Galactic Shamans.

They work with the Elementals and the Nature Spirits to create a Paradise HOME for All living BEings sent here by Prime Creator and the Elohim Angels.

A Galactic Shaman respects Nature and works with Nature… Knowing and Feeling at the same time his or her Solar and Galactic Connections and Responsibilities.

At this LIONS GATE of 2021… Beloved Family… many of us who were previously feeling “stuck” or “uncertain” or “unmotivated” will STEP UP to our NEW Responsibilities on the Planet.

WE will BEcome HUman Angels and Galactic Shamans… WE will guide people and do ceremonies to Honour the Emerging NEW EARTH.

WE will BEcome Leaders who will gently Guide and Support our communities through the Earth Changes and Transitions to the NEW EARTH Consciousness.

The LIONS GATE will provide the Tsunami of HIGH Frequency ENERGY that will Activate these Transformations and Lift us into the NEW EARTH HIGHER Timeline.

WE are well prepared… Beloved Ones… it will BE quite an Experience to BE of Service for the HIGHEST and the GREATEST Good of All Concerned!

Within Sacred LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

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