My Work on the Binary ELM Pulse in the DNA, Live Update.

Page 63 of Earth Ascending

I’m having fun over here figuring out the electrical charges of specific parts of the DNA according to the Tzolkin/I Ching Oracle. I’m specifically analyzing the GAP kin or galactic activation portals for positive and negative charge. I’ve been working with these three texts below as well.

It appears that every GAP kin in the Zone of Transformation, right in the middle of Tzolkin are positively charged protons. They form the rungs of the ladder in between the double helix and are made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus. The sides of the ladder are sugar phosphates so this is all boiler-plate stuff. Easy.

All of the GAP kin in the North and South polar zones, spreading up diagonally and down diagonally are negative charged electrons. Why are the rungs of the ladder, analogous to our spine, positively charged or CA, past to present? Why are the helix strands negatively charged electrons or AC, future to present?

The simple answer would be that going forward in time is positive and going backward in time is negative. I’m speaking directionally. It’s not a value judgment. The synchronicity occurs when an atom becomes neutral with no charge; i. e. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. Hmm.

Maybe we need to each spend the exact amount of time each day thinking about bringing our desired, intended future into the present as we do thinking about our past. Should we time it? We’re awake for 16 hours and asleep for 8 hours, or should be. Then spend 8 hours thinking about your intended future and 8 hours thinking your past and the people in it. Then our bodies will become less dense. LOL

Maybe that’s the point where the DNA goes up a density and we are no longer visible. Our spin rate slows down and we move into a light body, still manifested, but at a different density. It has to do with balancing our time between how much we think about the past and how much we think about what we want to create for our future and how we’re going to do that. That would be time travel.

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