Sunday Reading; Electrical Plugin to Cosmic Web Synchronicity

I activate in order to Evolve. Bonding Synchronicity I seal the Matrix of Navigation with the Electric Tone of Service. I am guided by the power of Birth.

Body Holon

Tone 3 pulses to the right hip.

  • Theme is 3Phenylalanine or Red 3 Electric Earth
  • Analog is 3Glycine or White 3 Electric Wind
  • Guide Power is 3Cysteine or Red 3 Electric Dragon
  • Antipode is 3Isoleucine or Blue 3 Electric Hand
  • Hidden Wisdom is 11Valine or Yellow 11 Spectral Seed
  • 5GForce is 11Alanine or Blue 11 Spectral Night

I posted both of these so you can see what was suggested by or suggested to Jose when he wrote The Mayan Factor in 1987. Good Grief. Well, I reviewed my work on the GAP kin and I think someone steered him wrong who has not had their hands on human bodies for twenty-two years. I don’t think they transfer this simply.

Jose had no idea that each GAP kin circulated 5 amino acids with an overarching nucleotide for each harmonic when he wrote this. He DID have a clue once he got to Earth Ascending but not to the degree I have taken it.

Both of these maps actually complicate the fact that all of the amino acids are in every cell of our bodies. How they are specifically activated for that part I don’t know yet but they are. I’m sticking to the 13 tones articulating to the 13 joints. The rest of it is up for research.

What I do see here is the application of the Interplanetary Holon to the Body Holon and that’s the 20 tribes of time in accord with the planets.

There are 52 GAP kin but it has to do with activation within the double helix DNA in all of our cells which is a micro picture, not a macro picture yet. One strand is the past and one is the future, in every cell of our body. How does the amino acid organization of the Tzolkin control that? I’m still chasing it down. That may be another book but it’s looking like it’s our Mother’s DNA. Gee, females are the key to controlling time? That might create gender balance finally or respect, I don’t know.

Page 181 of The Mayan Factor by Jose Arguelles.
Page 183 of The Mayan Factor.

Earth Holon

The Atlantic Ocean current giving signals of earth change is in the Blue Eagle Portal and we are in the Blue Eagle Wave-spell or 13-day cycle. It is a Polar Kin and generates from the North Pole at the crown of the planet. It receives information from the Cosmic Web.

The Red Earth time portal is located over central Africa at the Equator–15 degrees west.

Interplanetary Holon

Uranus is the mediating planet of Red Earth Tribe

  • With the Sun and Moon in Leo square Uranus around the time of this New Moon, we should watch for prematurity and abrupt changes or rebellion. However, it can be a courageous, proactive time.
  • We can feel sudden urges to act, start new, and clean the slate.
  • Or, unexpected events prompt a new approach. The desire to change and improve creative and romantic matters is vital.
  • As the day advances, we head toward a Mercury-Pluto quincunx, and decision-making can be fraught.

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