Thursday-Space-Time is just Dimensions Three and Four. Timelessness is the Ultimate Reality

“I Endure in order to Enchant. Transcending Receptivity, I seal the output of Timelessness with the Cosmic Tone of Presence I am guided by the power of Endlessness

Kin 234, The Tzolkin

Timelessness is unified with space-time so we are in it NOW. What we perceive with our five senses is space-time or the third and fourth dimension. Their existence is not in question and I recently found a book by C Howard Hinton where he proves the existence of the fourth dimension. It’s all math; geometry.

Once we get into multidimensions time is not relevant. It’s eternity, the Mayan 0 is exponential time and it’s just an endless adventure of learning from planet to planet in a different body once we leave this dimension. All of it is MIND or Consciousness which we can work with right now.

There are specific lessons in the body in this dimension and embodiment and we all know what they are. In order to learn them, you need to be attached to your body. Elon Musk just said, “Everyone dies” because he won’t get the vaccine and doesn’t support any of the covid propaganda. Of course the media freaked out on him; all negative. You would need to watch the video to grasp the context. The media will never understand him. He is White 3 Electric World Bridger by the way. Tiamat-Maldek karma.

I wonder if intuitively they know that it’s possible to keep living as long as you wish? Disease and death are for backwater planets ya know and that’s us. We could change our reputation. An awareness of timelessness, just as today’s mantra says, is essential to breathe and keep the DNA full of light and love.

There is no illness and death in truth and that is in our bodies now in this dimension. There is no, “Oh wait until I get to heaven and everything will be perfect.” We are supposed to be working toward or relaxing into earth becoming like that right now.

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