Wednesday; Are you awake yet?

The answer is yes if…

  1. You can feel the vibe changing daily
  2. Sometimes you remember your dreams and learn from them
  3. You watch no programmed T.V.; just art, drama, culture, history, or sport. NO NEWS
  4. You’re taking care of your body and love it; water, workout, healthy food
  5. Money is just a tool; you don’t live for it and compromise your health and happiness for it.
  6. You live with integrity, forgiveness, and telling the truth
  7. You don’t blame your family for your life and have boundaries in place
  8. You don’t waste your time with very dysfunctional people and know how to say no to that and yes to the opposite.
  9. You know and feel that 3D is just a dimension, it’s not ultimate reality
  10. You know that you can choose to stay or leave this dimension.

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