Our Tzolkin Harmonic Busts Open THE CUBE and Ends 12:60 Chronos

Warning; IMO, there are some disturbing images on this sight but it is very educational about the MIND PROGRAMMING humans have been living in the 3400 years or more, maybe 34,000. They are not in my wheelhouse, that’s for sure. I think you should see the crossover so you can SEE SYNCHRONICITY as this Saturnian paradigm is dissolved. We need to keep an eye on and positive meditation for our Blue Night ∞ Yellow Warrior kin who are mediated by Saturn. I have Blue 13 Cosmic Night as my antipode so I know about this energy. As I posted months ago, the Saturn Jupiter control of Earth just recently ended as we moved into the Age of Aquarius. I hope your remember.


It all started on Saturn in our local system, continued to Tiamat and made it’s way to Mesopotamia on Earth. There have been good forces on earth as well but our media/movies/tech are most definitely dominated by THE CUBE. That’s why I recommend you turn it off if you want to cleanse your mind and get focused on the truth of the Multidimensional Universe that IS YOUR BODY.

What does it look like to put the multidimensional Axis of the Eternal Present that is the human spine right through the center of the Cube?

We are the holy grail, the chalice, Yellow Human unified with Earth. This is kin 121-140 and humans are sitting right in HF33 as Yellow 2 Polar (dualistic) Human. This pierces the cube, the veil of illusion, monkey magic, the creative spark. It is us and our bodies in 3D which is ONE with ALL dimensions at the same time.

HF33 is;

  • Red 12 Crystal Moon, right leg and foot one with…next
  • White 13 Cosmic Dog, left leg and foot
  • Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey, left thigh, glut and groin Yellow 1 Magnetic Star, right thigh, glut and groin
  • Yellow 2 Polar Humans. left abdomen organs Blue 2 Polar Earth, right abdomen organs

This section of our evolution has been all about GROUNDING. You can see it right here. All the energy coming from implicate order had the purpose of making sure that FULL GALACTIC CENTER ENERGY was rooted on Earth and in all DNA, humans, creatures and LIFE on this planet so we could be settled in Light and Life. The Law of Love rules our sector, not the Law of the Cube.

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