Saturday Reading; It’s Very Possible to Harmonize our Personal Lives if We Just Focus on Our Business and Never Mind the Rabble.

Body Holon

I harmonize in order to purify. Modeling flow I seal the process of universal water with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of space.

Half of what you see and hear in the media probably isn’t true anyway. The only thing you can be 100% sure of is what happens to you in one day, who you met, what you accomplished and what you want to do. This is the integrity of Galactic Tone 8 which pulses to the DNA of the left shoulder joint.

  • Theme is 8Methionine, the start codon, Red 8 Galactic Moon and pulses to the right foot to ground our emotions and start some movement. Our feet move us around right? Think of Red Moon and White Dog as your call to service with flow of true feelings, love and loyalty to your mission. That’s what feelings are for; inspiration to stir you to action with integrity. It’s coming from your heart. There is no martyrdom, sacrifice and suffering here. Wherever you take your feet it’s because you believe it’s right and you have the skill to do it. Then no matter what it requires it’s a joy, not a burden no matter how others perceive it.
  • Analog is 8Aspartic Acid or White 8 Galactic Dog. Pulse is to the left foot.
  • Guide Power this morning is 8Glutamine or Red 8 Galactic Skywalker. Pulse is to the left ribs, stomach, small intestine, thorax.
  • Antipode is 8Tryptophan or Blue 8 Galactic Storm. Pulse is to the left brain. This is a secondary start codon, Yellow Sun being the first.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 6Glutamic Acid or Yellow 6 Rhythmic Human so we have both acids in the mix today. They are synergistic in the DNA and the tones are occult; 8 +6 =14 so synchronicity as well. Pulse is to the left abdomen.
  • 5th density GForce is 6Asparagine or Blue 6 Rhythmic Monkey. Pulse is to the left glut, thigh area.

Earth Holon

Earth is a galactic receiver and transmitter like a cell phone only with real intelligence, not artificial intelligence because the galaxy is real, not fake. We don’t live in a computer program and we’re not simulations. We live in love and we’re in bodies made of DNA with blood, flesh, guts, power, minds, and souls in this dimension. And the human females can make a human being in their body automatically. Can an A.I. robot create a SOUL with BLOOD? Never. Blood is Qi or consciousness and connection with Source.

Red Moon Time Portal is located at the tip of South America and West of Chile, just north of NW Antarctica. It’s 60 degrees south and 105 degrees west. This is a Gateway Kin at the root of the planet whose job it is to transmit earth information to the Cosmic Web

Interplanetary Holon

Mercury is the mediating planet for Red Moon in our 10 planet interplanetary holon. Here is the visual reminder of the unity between our local solar system and The Tzolkin. They function as one

The Moon spends the day in sensual, practical Taurus. However, Mercury’s (Red Moon/White Dog) minor square with Neptune can be somewhat disorienting. We tend to avoid confrontation with this transit, attempting to move around issues or otherwise taking an indirect approach.

We’re more likely to perceive situations in an impractical or overly optimistic way under this influence, making it less than ideal for clear thinking and handling details.

Still, with the Sun and Mercury in harmony with Juno and the True North Node, we’re in good shape for strengthening and supporting one another and, in the process, building trust.

We take more pride in our relationships or projects, and we’re willing to put more effort into them. We want to learn, reason things out, and gain knowledge as a means to empower ourselves.These transits encourage us to grow, improve, and rise to a challenge.

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