The Movie “Arrival”

This is the trailer for Arrival if you haven’t seen it.

They don’t exist to save us or fight with us which is what both sides are suggesting.

I watched the movie “Arrival” last night at the behest of my son and at the beginning the E.T. just wanted to talk, to communicate and possibly cooperate.

It was the humans who wanted to fight and got idiot territorial. It happens in my office all the time too with the women. At least the movie suggested what my book is about. Humans as DNA can control and see time. It’s useful.

Louise, the main character can see the future so she is predominantly on that timeline and the alien points it out. The alien calls her a weapon and the whole planet freaks out because the E.T. meant “tool”, not weapon as humans use the word. Well, the male leaders do. There is an embarrassing amount of ethnocentrism and projection from the humans in this movie, as though aliens should be like us and think like us.

There is much more but since the humans can’t calm their emotions down all of the E.T leave. To be expected and sensible. When humans act like monkeys it repels our E.T. ancestors…and me. 😉

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