Crossover Polarity in the Double Helix DNA

I’ve been working on this for weeks for my book and it’s turning out to be foundational in understanding how the Tzolkin codes our DNA or how time codes our DNA decided by our use of the time we have in the body. Coalesce that into an 8 billion people and it changes the planet.

When you sit square in your body and breathe, focusing on how you feel and how you want to feel and your intentions, you rule your vortex only. That is power for good. Then you stand up and take some action. Then you sit again in gratitude. Then you drink water and talk less. The T.V. doesn’t exist except for comedy or education. You are programming your mind, the television isn’t.

The mystic column is our spine and has no ELM polarity charge. There is no dualism, no time, no past or future. Your spine is the axis of the eternal present and it is controlled by the flesh, muscle, blood and organs given to you by your mother. You are woven on the Loom of the 13 Moons. That’s why natural medicine counts for nothing on this planet; women coint for nothing and worse.

Men think an A.I. robot can transcend a human grown naturally in the womb of a female? Think again. They cannot create a soul. They are not Creator Sons. They are controlled by tech, not God in them. Not on this planet. Not in our lifetime. Not over the bodies of millions of humans bonded to the earth, their stellar ancestors and our children.


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