Wednesday; Empowerment is Equalizing if you Receive It.

I Empower in order to Equalize. Commanding Opportunity I seal the Store of Change with the Overtone tone of Radiance. I am guided by the power of Timelessness.

Body Holon

Tone 5 pulses to the right elbow

  • Theme is 5Threonine or White 5 Radiant World-Bridger. Pulse is to the right thorax
  • Analog is 5Glutamine or Red 5 Radiant Skywalker. Pulse is to the left thorax
  • Guide Power this morning is 5Lysine or White 5 Radiant Wizard. Pulse is to the left pec or breast
  • Antipode this afternoon is 5Histidine or Yellow 5 Radiant Warrior. Pulse is to the left neck
  • 5GForce is 9Lysine or White 9 Solar Wizard in synchronicity with the theme

Earth Holon

The Time Portal is located at 30°N–120°E near Shanghai China

Interplanetary Holon

Mars is an active place right now.

Mediating planet is Mars. The Moon is in Aries. We also have retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius again.

Mars mediates White W.B.-Red SW, Jupiter mediates Yellow Seed-Blue Eagle. This Jupiter transit is in exact synchronicity with Tone 5 and White W.B. This transit encourages fairness, impartiality, individuality, and humanitarianism. We reap rewards through being more inclusive and just and we’re opening our minds to progress.

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