Dr. Greer, White 13 White World-Bridger again.

I teach this on the blog but he says it much more succinct than me. I guess I show you the nuts and bolts regarding WHY this is possible. I spell out the patterns in The Tzolkin.

The video is only 10 minutes long. I can’t relate to struggling with this. I think it has to do with an open heart. I’ve had a super open heart my entire life and have to continually set boundaries with asleep humans trying to suck energy which is just normal for me. The tone you get from me on this blog is frustration and having to keep distance because I’m so sensitive to compressed energy in our society. Otherwise, I have a good life.

My point is, before you start practicing this, make sure you’re aware of any major emotional issues; resentment, being mad at God, not believing in the inhabited Universe, not believing in life after physical death and so forth. All of that is a closed heart. To wake up the pineal gland and do remote viewing your heart chakra has to be open, in my opinion.

I be happy to schedule a Medium session with you if you want some help.

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