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Pars Kutay 2 hours ago

Synchronicity Is the Result of Unity Consciousness

Synchronicity Guides our every movement and thought… for We are within the Unity Consciousness that prevails in our Universe.

And once within this Frequency of Consciousness… We have access to all thoughts and information that exist within this Wave Band.

This is the Path that is opening to all of us. It is this Path that… if We follow it… will lead us into Emergence with All of our Brothers and Sisters of Hollow Earth… and All Life in the Universe.

Once We are within Unity Consciousness… All falls into place… as We are in Synchronicity with All Life everywhere in the Universe—not just on Earth.

This is how opportunity comes to us… “out of the blue”.

Well… the “blue” is the Universe… and once our path becomes known to “All”… “All” is at our beck and call to arrange the instances and occurrences and resources We need to complete our Mission on Earth.

So We are ONE with All That Is.

And as the incoming Energies flow and integrate within us… our connection with Life will increase… until We BEcome fully connected—resulting in Unity Consciousness.

Once this occurs… MAGIC BECOMES COMMONPLACE, as our life absorbs the Magic of BEing connected again to All Life… everywhere.

And We suddenly find our SELVES in the Arms of the CREATIVE SOURCE — Fully Secure and Fully Protected.

This is where the intense Energies… BE-ing directed to us Right NOW from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy.

Within Sacred LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

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