Tuesday Reading; 4Serine or Red 4 Self-Existing Serpent


L-serine is an amino acid essential for the synthesis of phosphatidylserine, which is a component of the membrane of brain cells (i.e., neurons). It can be produced in the body, including the brain, but an external supply from the diet is essential in maintaining necessary levels. Although preclinical studies suggest L-serine may inhibit inflammation in the brain, levels of L-serine in humans do not appear to be associated with dementia or cognitive decline. Because L-serine is a naturally occurring amino acid, supplementation is likely safe in moderation.

Tone 4 pulses to the right wrist and joints of the hand.

We are in theme-plex in illusory hologram 3D, what we see with our physical eyes, with 4Serine, 4Lysine, 4Cysteine, 4Arginine, and 10Histidine. There is nothing mild about any of these amino acids. They are true to all 5 Maldkekian-Mars tribes and like to fight. Fortunately, the Interplanetary Holon is dominated by the MOON IN PISCES today which will calm everyone’s brain’s down. This is a pretext though for the Moon going into Aries tomorrow at 6am.

Earth Holon pulses to the Red Serpent time portal at 60°N–75°E in the N. USSR

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