What is the Psi Bank, or the Earth’s Mind? The Van Allen Belts.

On this blog this comes under accurate EARTH HOLON information.

A Van Allen radiation belt is a zone of energetic charged particles, most of which originate from the solar wind, that are captured by and held around a planet by that planet’s magnetosphere. Earth has two such belts, and sometimes others may be temporarily created. Here it is in Earth Ascending. Definitely click on this to enlarge and see it clearly.

“Here the four plates and their division into eight seasonal parts are depicted in their actual resonant spherical relation to the earth and its magnetic field. The more detailed map on the left depicts the flow of civilization within the context of the major longitudinal division. The actual psi balk plates are referred to as holonomic recollection plates while the corresponding geographical equivalents are referred to as psi seasonal resonance field memory plates. Also indicated in the left-hand map are the geographical sites corresponding to the temporal or sequential arrangement of the kua of I Ching, starting with the spring equinox, northern hemisphere, along hieratic longitude zero. In the diagram to the right, which shows more fully and simply the relation of earth to the electromagnetic fields and psi bank, the kua are arranged in their earlier or celestial/electromagnetic relation to each other.

As we have seen, what we refer to as history is actually a function of a much larger, integrative global harmonic. The guiding factor of this historic harmonic is the psi bank with its holonomic recollection plates. Each of these plates may be envisioned as carrying and/or simultaneously containing levels of information that connect stages of organic/cyclical seasonal growth; geo-cultural information—-psions—-as well as information concerning successive and cumulative stages of the psycho-cultural process—history itself.

What this points to is the study of history as a geological subfield in an overall study of psycho-atmospheric harmonics as monitored by the guiding factor, the psi bank. Thus, in order to better understand and evaluate “what happened in history, ” it is best first to understand the guiding function, structure, and nature of the psi bank itself.”- Earth Ascending

This is mainstream science, truth as far as they are concerned. Tzolkinists call it the Psi Bank and it’s the source of the Tzolkin Harmonic. It is the Earth’s mental field. MSS (mainstream science) calls it The Van Allen Belts for James Van Allen who is credited for their discovery.

This is MSS version of it.

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