Saturday Reading; Breathing and Meditating Raises your Frequency and Could Save Your Life in the Body

Power of Spirit, White Wind 13-Day Cycle

I unify in order to communicate. Attracting breath I seal the input of spirit with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled. I am a galactic activation portal.

Notice that you’re guided by your own power doubled. You’re not guided by an E.T. or your Star Family. It’s great to talk to them and learn from them just as you do humans (Ha) but you are your own guide with Source in you. Source doesn’t even tell you what to do. This is a theme-plex for meditation and indeed, when the pineal gland in the brain is open you can communicate much easier in the ethers and bring in all kinds of things. That doesn’t mean they should guide or control you. Just take it with a grain of salt.

With all of the mayhem and apocalyptic talk some people are going over the edge listening to those “with implants”. I think it’s a distraction we don’t need whether it’s real or not.

Body Holon

Tone 1 pulses to the right ankle

We are on the Galactic Karmic Inbreath on the male right side of the body.

  • Theme is 1Glycine or White 1 Magnetic Wind. Pulse is to the right side of the face.
  • Analog is 1Phenylalanine or Red 1 Magnetic Earth. Pulse is to the left side of the face.
  • Guide Power this morning is Itself. Focus is thrice on the face.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 1Glutamic Acid or Yellow 1 Magnetic Human. Pulse is to the left abdomen and low back.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 13Tryptophan or Blue 13 Cosmic Storm. Pulse is to the left brain
  • 5GForce is 13Tyrosine or White 13 Cosmic Mirror. Pulse is to the left eye

These alignments are in sync with the interplanetary holon.

Earth Holon

White Wind Time Portal hovers over Southeast Asia and the NW section of Australia. It’s location is the Equator–75°E. This is a CORE KIN at the heart of the planet whose job is to Transduce energy from the cosmic web.

Interplanetary Holon

Th mediating planet is Uranus which rules Aquarius and the moon is in Aquarius today. Synchronicity.

Also, White Wind is about communication and there is a strong beneficial Mercury-Neptune aspect which rules communication. Synchronicity.

From Cafe Astrology;

  • Mercury’s trine to Neptune encourages us to tap into our imagination.
  • With this transit, we more readily work on hunches.
  • We may easily sense others’ thoughts and feelings, and our words, musings, and ideas can be more imaginative and colorful, subtle, or creative.
  • We experience a sense of knowing and understanding with minimal explanation or instruction.
  • While we may not be direct, we see the way around obstacles.
  • This transit favors photography, the arts, poetry, fiction, spirituality, advertising, and promotion.
  • We might choose to team up to generate ideas, solve problems, and boost mental rapport.
  • Friends, community, groups, causes, and happiness goals can be in stronger focus with the Moon in Aquarius all day.
URANUS; Aquarius, White Wind ∞ Red Earth

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